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College Of Arts─ Department of Music
Welcome to Tainan University of Techonology
Daytime School Division: master of music, seven-year musical education program from senior high 
school through college.
Continuing Education Division: in-service master of music program.
1. Provide students with a full-time program including private lessons, performance classes, liberal arts 
and humanities
coursework, as well as electives.
2. Offer students a complete curriculum.
3. Faculty consists of expert artists, scholars, and educators.
4. Provide students with performance opportunities.
5. Over 150 faculty members with diverse training backgrounds and superb performance skills.
6. Students participate in exciting musical performances within the community and throughout the world.
7. Offer master classes, lectures, and seminars with leading professionals worldwide.
1. Offer junior-high graduates a better opportunity to learn musical instruments
2. Provide five major divisions: keyboard, voice, orchestra, composition, and traditional music
3. Emphasize students’ performance practice and interpretation in music.
Career Opportunities
Graduates can serve as music teachers in elementary schools and junior high schools, play in 
orchestras, as well as engage in musical arts administration and cultural creative industries.
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